Buying your first house should be a wonderful memory which seldom it is because not just emotionally it is financially stressful and there is always a tight budget to work with.

You will get the closing costs (fees and disbursements) in writing from me when you retain me and there will be no additional costs or surprises. I make sure that on the day of the closing things are done as smoothly as possible and you are able to get into your new home soon.

Real Estate :
Residential real estate (sale and Purchase)

Buying new house, Resale, Power of Sale:
Negotiate, Prepare, Review Agreements of sale and purchase if no real estate agents. Review of Status certificate for condominium closings, Assignment Agreement with the builder, interim and final closings, Transfer of Title, Securing Title Insurance, Transfer of Title, Survivorship Applications

Selling of house: 
Preparing transfer, discharging mortgage, liens, reviewing affidavits from buyer’s lawyers, paying out the real estate commission & arrears and ensuring sale monies in your hand on the day of closing

New Mortgages and Refinancing:
Prepare charge, Collateral mortgages from institutional lenders, Second mortgages from private lenders and Institutional lenders

Commercial leasing and closings


Land Transfer Tax (LTT) information

Land Transfer Tax (LTT) calculator

Family law:
I work with passion and compassion; Separation and divorces can be emotionally and financially draining therefore I take care of the needs of the clients and start with negotiations and encourage the clients to reach a settlement which works in the best interest of the client and the family as a whole.

After the initial meeting in person thereafter I am available via web, phone or videoconference to discuss any related issues or queries clients have.

My practice focuses exclusively on family and divorce as well as resolving family disputes through litigation, arbitration, mediation, negotiation of domestic contracts which include (separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts) and collaborative family practice.

My areas of work are

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Separation agreements
  • Domestic contracts
  • Custody and access

Wills and Estates (Probate):

  • Wills

  • Power of attorney for property

  • Power of attorney for personal care

It is very important to make will and change it too as your circumstances change, for example wills become invalid if you get married or divorced, it may be necessary to make a will if you have you have a common law partner whom you would like to leave everything to but some distant relative who you have never seen may become entitled under the inheritance law.  It is important to make a will so your property is distributed as you wish. I have facility to keep your will for safe keeping if you so wish.


Estates FAQs

Other Services:

  • Notarization

  • Sponsorship(invitation letters) for visitor visa

  • Opinion letters for foreign divorces

  • Independent Legal advice

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